Monday, 26 November 2007

We’ve got a P.M. called Kevin

What an absolutely fantastic result and such a marvellous contrast to the 2004 election.

I went to a brilliant election party and was lucky to partake in much exuberant celebration. After retiring about 4.30 I woke an hour later with a headache and got up to get some water and fresh air and investigate whether the party was still going. I staggered out into the backyard, there didn’t seem to be any revellers left, and stumbled up the path to the backyard’s tippity top where you get a wonderful view of the district and a good breeze.

After much weaving and swaying I finally finished the ascent to witness the party's host jumping up and down in a gleefully triumphant dance with his two dogs.

It was a wonderful sight to behold.

I let out a whoop and a cry, lost my balance and rolled down the hill.

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