Thursday, 31 December 2009

Are you ready to get going?!!

As you might recall little Keith Lamb hollering in the mid 70's to promote an energy fuelled chocolate bar known as the Chokito.  Oh memory lane, NSRs, memory lane. If only one's capacity to remember could be used for brilliance and not trivia - one would have had a lovely little Australian Post tribute en timbre by now... Well you can stuff your Chokitos, and no, not down the front of your trousers or your brasieres, for nothing will improve those appendages, you poor old fools (how could you ever have held store in such silliness?) for it is the GETZ what's been getting me going. 

This week I have avoided the Haughty North and the Oim not a raShirelist South, steered clear of that Meretricious East and driven over the hills beyond the Battlers' West and loved every goddamn minute of it!

The mist, the fog, the rain, the blazing sun, the hairpin bends, the roadwork delays, the rude articles honking (I DON'T CARE* if they are horny - time and place, NSRs, time and place), taking the wrong exits, the subsequent nervy b's...I've got a provisional licence to motorin' good times.

Mother Superior

O the independence. The joy to be in my darling little autistic black bubble on wheels;waving at the kiddies and vociferously cursing their olds, and as for those mothertruckers, do not get me started!

Sister Bertrille (Carlos lurking in background..)

Sister Bertrille and Sister Cisco (Carlos' s ear)

Blanche du Bois

Mount Titty Boom-Boom
 (B Whiteley on Lloyd Rees in Conversation with J. Hawley Good Weekend Sept 1990)

Happy newie, NSRs - 2010 has a lovely, happy and healthy ring to it.

*Soooooo 1977

Monday, 14 December 2009

That certain feeling

Soon there will be an Aussie saint for i have 'what a friend we have in jesus' whirring around my brain.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Apparently it's the 21st Century

In fact the first decade of this millennium will be over soon-ish (Look (a little tribute to the almost small 'l' Liberals named Malcolm there ) I don’t want to get in an argument about time measurement OK), and while I am still incredibly disappointed by the lack of jet pack there are even more troubling matters and I might just need to wear a t-shirt with a slogan

The majority of pollies seem to be goddamn Christian (generally conservative catholic to boot, and truly i thought Jensen Anglicanism was bad – it is) and proud, women are ashamed of feminism ( I think that Alan Alda is the only person who admits to being a feminist these days), people need to have their relationships recognised by the State and then of course there is the importance of faaaaaaaaaamily and its right to ginormous brand new houses with lovely air conditioning, bedrooms and en suites galore (lawks I remember when those choc galore biscuits kept us all happy), foyehs, Jacuzzis, good rooms and masterchef kitchens. Gordon, it's so god awful and does my disgust make me some kind of radical? That's the current climate for ya.

Perhaps it’s time to get some rocknroll playmates together and record and release a rock against wowser cd thingy.

Gorne her own way

No more leadership spillage for me, no more psephological ponderings for now.

I am off to see the originators of M E L T D O W N . It's carry on up the Hunter with Fleetwood Mac in the voines - a concert and excursion in two parts. Toot toot . Now where did I put that lacey shawl and would it not be dangerous to affix scarves over the car's headlights...