Sunday, 31 October 2010


Perhaps it was the recent remembrance of Loverboy, the orange leathers, the matching bandanas - hot damn, that has awakened my senses to the insensate or perhaps i've become witness to an alarming retro trend that must be nipped in the bud NOW.

On Friday I took an hour's break from the long fabulous lunch that is my work to check out the revamped Lowyland in the ceebeedee. It's very glossy and very dimly lit and very despair filling  - loads and loads of people goin' up and down escalators in an absolutely feverish, foaming at mouth consumer frenzy. It is an enormous shopping complex after all. Anyway after a spell, I'd had enough, I'd completely lost my appetite too, bile on tongue does it every time, much nicer on toast.

As I walked back to the bureau, leaping over a hustle here, and an enormous bustle there - that's the big smoke for you, i happened on two male passerbys wearing jeans that had been adorned with short neck scarves or hankies tied like tourniquets around the left thigh - funnel web bites or  gay, straight or bi I hear you cry.

I'm sorry to say that  i don't think this embellishment of the jean was to save life, convey preference sessuale or an autoerotic asphyxiation technique.

I boileeeve that it is a salute to the fashion of North American 'rock' types from the early-mid 80's, you know, the kind of fashion Mike from Neighbours embraced when he went to 'uni' in the late 80's and got too 'cool' for Scott and plain Jane superbrain.

Two separate sightings of the fashion in 10 minutes would indicate that the look is back and the prospect, my dears, is giving me a sick headache 

I suspect that those trages who like  to think that everything passe is now hip cannot wait to jump on this wacky fashion bandwagon. In fact you are no doubt  wondering where you can lay those pudgy fingers on an old, sweaty bandana (check the back of the sock draw, dumpling)  and whether  Jay Jays stocks acid wash jean in easy fit -  they do and they are that comfortable.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Distraction satisfaction

Do you sometimes find yourself on the bus, in your sitting room, in long meetings at work incapable of concentrating on your book,  audio/visual stimulus/distraction,  or um your goddamn bread and butter? And  rather than just staring at walls or out of windows, wondering what you'll cook for dinner or if you jumped out the window would a silhouette remain or would all the glass shatter,  you opt to stare at the faces in your space or on the screen?  I do.

Don't get me wrong, sugar, I'm not playing "psyche" or whatever the ados do. I just find myself studying a face  to determine  if s/he resembles her/his mother or  father, oh and possible  criminal tendencies, natch. It's quite fun and do you know what you'll never know if you are right, so fear of failure is not an option and thus no need to procrastinate. You can start playing NOW if you want.

I have to admit that I have got so bored with the Australian political scene that I employ this sensational diversionary tact while watching most pollies and analysts on the telly, so no need to turn off the telly, enjoy some peace and do something constructive... Generally with the majority you can see father or mother but there are some exceptions. One Christopher Pahne for instance. When I look at his face all I can see is his paternal grandmother.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sainted aunts and cockin' lover boys

 As NSRs know I love technology! Why I was the first person you knew to have a card for the automatic teller machine/handybank way back in 1984.

 In keeping with this tendency to trailblaze, I have recently embraced the clutterfree perfection and convenience that is the purchase of music through the I tunes store,as joyful as buying mixed sweeties really. I tunes is a cyber Herr and Frau Kaufman if you like but without the sweets, you replace the sweets with audio and video recordings you see but you really wouldn't want a cyber sweetie store now would you because how would you get to taste  the humbugs, mint leaves, milk bottles and sherbies but if you could, gosh, just imagine....

 Last week, I purchased some Stevie Nicks solo tunes. Curiously I was still not satisfied following said purchase and had begun to to browse some  recordings of HMS Pinafore when the Itunes Store recommended that I purchase "Turn me loose" by Loverboy.  Lord love a duck, because who'd love them?! Well apart from Chuck Noblet.