Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pining for his opinings

Where is Nanny Marr? Writing a book? He has not written anything for the 'quality broadsheets' since February I am sure. I haven't seen him on Insiders since then either. I need his keen intelligence, his pith, his bile, his arch wit,  his independent thought. Nanny come back.

Friday, 5 March 2010


Lou and Laurie are coming to Sydney
They are, they are!
Not for a sea shanty spectacular
But to curate A R T at Circular Quay!

Lou’s voice when singing is sublime
and performing Berlin was a charming soulful guy
Perhaps he'll stage a pirate themed light show
would be better than the ones by "Eno"

And here poet junior miss closes her Roderick David Stewart's A Child's Dictionary of Rhyme to spin and spit out  the following rant:

 "E N O" – ‘Brian’ NOT good enough for you, pumpkin?! (Oh, yes i know that there were two Brians, well a Bryan and a Brian,  in the Roxy Music  but couldn't B1 and B2 have done? Or how about Brhiannon - Welsh, mystic and featuring the funky rh factor in its orthography.)

Oh enough about Brians, you want more on cockin' Brian read NSR's backpages.

Back to Lou

 Hello, hi man


How are old are you?

And when I ask how old you are I mean , how old do you


For instance, today I feel 15


How often do you think of AW?

My that Factory happened


What do you think of Nick Cave?

Ye-e-es, Nick Cave not Nico

Yes, I know,  irrelevant but

 irrelevant, derivative Shamham


irrelevant, derivative Artiste?


How about VicBock? Uptight treacherous mother or what?


What do you eat for breakfast?


How many black t-shirts do you own?


Do you and Ben Stiller have the same personal trainer?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

lordabumsamercyme #2

It was totally awesome to be stark naked on the steps of the grand old Sydney Opery House.

Nude and supine, then nude and erect, followed by nude and a bit cold, and climaxing with rude and too old.

 It would have been even more a-ma-zing had I gone and done it yesterday morning instead of today. UM-AH as we used to say in the old playground never bummer that was to be uttered much later on...