Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pining for his opinings

Where is Nanny Marr? Writing a book? He has not written anything for the 'quality broadsheets' since February I am sure. I haven't seen him on Insiders since then either. I need his keen intelligence, his pith, his bile, his arch wit,  his independent thought. Nanny come back.


David said...

I thought I saw him at the NLA on Friday (true!). Do you think it was him, maybe he can't get out of the Can because of the impressionists. I didn't remember this until I read what you wrote but it is true.

Mistress Bel said...

Fancy that. I must have been too busy stalking Maggie T that day to notice Nanny scooting off to "the Can" as you so disrespectfully refer to our nation's capital. My mind has now dispensed with thoughts of Nanny and doing battle with the refrain from 'can the can'. The end.

David said...

He probably was in Canberra he probably went to the NLA to find solace from Kevin's fury.