Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Toiley time

The neighbour who lived behind one's 2nd childhood hoame used to lure her child from our garden back to her fold by calling over the border of clivea, "Day-uhl, it's toiley time".

Why do the signs in supermarket aisles itemise toilet paper as toilet rolls? I am not going down that aisle to collect toilet rolls, as marvellous as they are for art and craft days but my useful box has plenty of them, thank you,  and i want to purchase rolls (rolls and rolls) of toilet paper. Is the term 'toilet rolls' considered more discreet? Perhaps "TP" ...

Nevertheless, I do rather like the aisle sign for toilet rolls because it reminds me of childhood and one Christmas morning in my first hoame... I had ripped into the Allen's stocking and was feasting on a curly wurly while my younger toddler sister was unwrapping a parcel ( I recall thinking that her method was rather messy) to uncover a prize that truly delighted her.  It was a set of primary coloured building blockular things. She exclaimed hoarsely and with great glee "Look! Lots and lots of torluts".