Sunday, 20 April 2008

More bang for your buck

I must say, nsrs, that when I heard PM K make the above pronouncement about some policy, can’t remember what - for it’s always the superficial that resonates with me, I was somewhat surprised. No sooner had my inner Victorian returned to her lovely cameo locket or was it the handsome gold watch chain around my neck, did my delicate ear hear the expression again at a rather important meeting, admittedly not a bang on of 2020 summit proportions, nevertheless a significant one in the belosphere. I did pull a wee face and at the next meeting person said "value for money." Oh rrresult . Now for a seamless segue into the 2020 summit...oh can't find one so (carriage return please Blogger.Com)

2020 Summit

Twenty 20 Cricket

20/20 vision

2020 Mascot NSW

Oh where will it end……..

I watched the final summaries of the big ideas from the different groups at the 2020 Summit -the big bang on for no bucks (oh there you are segue, now if i could just cut and paste you , uh - no am too unco). How chaotic the Summit must have been. The presentation of big ideas from some streams was very smug (i'll be jiggered) and rather annoying (jig jig), and the content, predominantly motherhood statements and nothing new, most certainly didn’t warrant such gloating. However, the big ideas from other streams were at times encouraging and it would be grand if they could somehow be implemented. I don't think they could have been as vague as what i just wrote surely...

Oh well you’ve got to throw the stone to get the pool to ripple as The Squeeze once sang.

See you at The Summit ... OH everyone was there, well not Andrew Bolt and he certainly was swilling the old Vinegar Bay on the Insiders; compared the forum to a cabaret show, I thought the bit with Rhys Muldoon and Hugh Jackman was more Midday show, and vented about the PM’s ingratiatin’ ways with celebrities.

The twenny twenny camera operators were frenzied, panning in on the faces of celebs, pollies, media and community identities. I imagined A. Bolt in a state of high apoplexy when the cameras honed in on the current Media It Girl (Emma Tom's successor? – still I doubt Marieke Hardy would ever write a bio on Mary Donaldson and call it Something about Mary) seated next to the drummer from Spiderbait (no surprise for last week's GoodWeekend did describe It Girl as “having a weakness for musicians” - possibly a more irritating phrase than more bang for your buck owing to its simpering i'm a chockywockyholic quality).

Following “the streams” feedback, Kevin Rudd got a standing ovation, or was that meant for Cate Kidman and the new bairn.