Thursday, 13 March 2008

Dental mental

The enamel on my teeth is wearing thin, not as thin as my patience, but nevertheless thin and I have another wisdom tooth growing where one had been previously removed.

But it doesn’t matter for I love teeth, all teeth. The white, the gold and the yella, the stained, old deadie with the wiggly brown line, the snaky milk ones, the malty, the rotten, the bucked, the inward, the straight, the crooked, the chipped, the broken, the gappy, the Miss American Beauty gnashers and let’s not forget a sweet set of master baked beans.

I often gaze at other people's teeth.

Not because I judge a being by her/his dentalia or that they give insight into owner’s psyche (I know people after all) but just because

love is... teeth?
Had to increase NSR's cute factor.

Keef claims that after all the smack'n'jack had rotten his teith they grew a third time.

A brother and sister I know, not Donny and Marie nor Brandon and Brenda, have decay-resistant teeth that are brilliantly white.

The majority of Generation Whine and Zzzz are/will be super dental specimens with jawlines like US daytime soap stars.

When a relative got dentures she requested that they be bucked as she’d always wanted them so. She was so worth it.

I don’t have dreams about teeth falling out because when I suffer from anxiety I panickedly imagine my underpants have fallen down or dream of lost children crying for their mothers, for yes, I am Peter Pan.