Thursday, 21 February 2013

Witty banter#1284

Matt Preston called didn't you get the memo it's official  he wants his cravate back.  I've run out of star of anise - first world problem. Those and some other prime turns of phrase have been my passport to social media networking success and glory the past few years.

Sure I usually get them mixed up, use dated references and make no sense, but that appears brilliantly subversive in cyberspace ( yet no need to seek asylum. When I do I will seek refuge chez Honorary Consul for Principality of Monaco, Lady Mary Fairfax at Fairwater, if she's still alive, would be downright vulgar otherwise. Can't wait to stage self-important press conferences from the funicular to the marina or the Fairwater rooftop. ).Why in October my tweets made Q&A two weeks running. We had cake for morning AND afternoon tea two consecutive Tuesdays at work. Life really could not have been better.

The power of tweet is a curious thing (oh step off Huey,  just build a bridge and get me over it} but sometimes it just does not work. Hey, no need to elaborate, dude, we've all been there. 

 This year I really want to get my head around the symbols, you know the winky eyes and poking out of tongues, and possibly find a replacement for "dude", it's very passe, perhaps "man" is back. Brian always told me that it was good to have goals but perhaps I'm over extending.

Sidebar*. Christ tonight's episode of Catalyst is noisy. Science has got all jackass/wacky spruikers delight. well then again Julius Sumner Miller was very noisy too.

*I first heard someone utter this term in a management meeting quite a few years ago and was awe inspired, dude must have a blog I mused in wonder, between thoughts of hurtling myself out the Boardroom window.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I think that it was Huey Lewis or perhaps Lou Reed who said it's hip to be square. 

In fact, it was what Lew Reed said to Huey Louis one night at the Factory for yes, I was there (slumped on an alcan foil covered beanbag (my creation)  about to pass out from too many luudes , nevertheless, there.)

The speed freaks and drag queens were out in force, Andy had had a quarter of a tab of a diet pill or perhaps it was a quart of Tab,  and Nico was flat on her back doing those crazy bicycle calisthenics (spookily portentous, not to mention lewd or is that loued) to the accompaniment of strobe, natch, so much goddamn strobe. Needless to say Huey Lewis felt really out of sorts and insecure and said as much to Louballsage (as Stirling and I had affectionately dubbed him).

It  took another 15 years for Huey Lewis to have the courage to put Lou's maxim to music.  I said to him, "Huey, dude, Lou's been ripping off cats for years, don't worry, it's the honky rockers' way." Unfortunately several years later I uttered similar words of encouragement to the Men at Work.