Thursday, 21 February 2013

Witty banter#1284

Matt Preston called didn't you get the memo it's official  he wants his cravate back.  I've run out of star of anise - first world problem. Those and some other prime turns of phrase have been my passport to social media networking success and glory the past few years.

Sure I usually get them mixed up, use dated references and make no sense, but that appears brilliantly subversive in cyberspace ( yet no need to seek asylum. When I do I will seek refuge chez Honorary Consul for Principality of Monaco, Lady Mary Fairfax at Fairwater, if she's still alive, would be downright vulgar otherwise. Can't wait to stage self-important press conferences from the funicular to the marina or the Fairwater rooftop. ).Why in October my tweets made Q&A two weeks running. We had cake for morning AND afternoon tea two consecutive Tuesdays at work. Life really could not have been better.

The power of tweet is a curious thing (oh step off Huey,  just build a bridge and get me over it} but sometimes it just does not work. Hey, no need to elaborate, dude, we've all been there. 

 This year I really want to get my head around the symbols, you know the winky eyes and poking out of tongues, and possibly find a replacement for "dude", it's very passe, perhaps "man" is back. Brian always told me that it was good to have goals but perhaps I'm over extending.

Sidebar*. Christ tonight's episode of Catalyst is noisy. Science has got all jackass/wacky spruikers delight. well then again Julius Sumner Miller was very noisy too.

*I first heard someone utter this term in a management meeting quite a few years ago and was awe inspired, dude must have a blog I mused in wonder, between thoughts of hurtling myself out the Boardroom window.

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boy moritz said...

What's bri-bri up to, these days?