Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sainted aunts and cockin' lover boys

 As NSRs know I love technology! Why I was the first person you knew to have a card for the automatic teller machine/handybank way back in 1984.

 In keeping with this tendency to trailblaze, I have recently embraced the clutterfree perfection and convenience that is the purchase of music through the I tunes store,as joyful as buying mixed sweeties really. I tunes is a cyber Herr and Frau Kaufman if you like but without the sweets, you replace the sweets with audio and video recordings you see but you really wouldn't want a cyber sweetie store now would you because how would you get to taste  the humbugs, mint leaves, milk bottles and sherbies but if you could, gosh, just imagine....

 Last week, I purchased some Stevie Nicks solo tunes. Curiously I was still not satisfied following said purchase and had begun to to browse some  recordings of HMS Pinafore when the Itunes Store recommended that I purchase "Turn me loose" by Loverboy.  Lord love a duck, because who'd love them?! Well apart from Chuck Noblet.


David said...

you did it though, right?

boy moritz said...

oh, bel, loves to love them loverboys