Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tim, draw back the good room curtains and let the sun shine in

Oh the inspiration. Well at least a lot of the talent remains. There is still Combet, Smith (who will no doubt be dedicated, loyal, discreet, modest and intelligent in any portfolio to which he will be so unfairly shunted and that is more than you can say for his mooted replacement) and several others. Will they get an opportunity to shine? Naturally, it's very good  that there is no T. Abbott at the helm but I still feel ill at ease, well you could say that there's something in my waters. The best thing is the insightful, humorous and intelligent commentary by D. Marr. So spot on.

 Now that the election campaign is over can you pollies please stop patting and kissing every person you encounter. Grotesque.A zillion times worse than the frenzy for fluoro vests and hard hats three years ago. I am like so totally over those insincere, careerist, ruthless,populist, self-seeking show offs of politicians and when they get tactile, why  that is just the dizzy limit.

I feel no joy about the election of Australia's first female Prime Minister. Still it could have been worse, imagine if it had been Julie Bishop and her hollow 'blue stare'. "Oh noes" i see you typing for your Facebook status. Nevertheless, JG's annointment and election are tainted. Perhaps she'll apply her strategic slick intelligence and determination fo fulfill more than ambition for herself and prove to be a visionary, progressive leader and do more for the people than kiss, pat and hug them. Will that be more possible in this Parliament? Can Dr Bob et al keep her real?

Christ could everyone please stop talking about cockin' 'paradigms', i feel like i'm having to endure a conversation with a first year Arts undergraduate/opportunity class manque  or have been bingeing on Late Night Live podcasts. There are plenty of synonyms to go around don't be obsessive now (that is my bag after all.)

It's broken and hollow at the mansions and goodnight from me.


David said...

Have you ever actually seen a podcast?

Mistress Bel said...

Oh Peabody I mainly listen to them on my laptoputer but i'm sure i've watched some and starred ins some to boot.

The word verifcation for my comment to counter your shower of piss is Squatzfm - which is a super aerobics ozstyle show which i'm always listening to on the wireless. I understand that the rural and regional Victorians miss out on this service along with newsradio.Can the independents PLEASE do something!!

boy moritz said...

Take this act to America!

David said...

And leave it there

David said...

I worked on that for 40 days and 40 nights FYI

AskAMassivePro said...

Hell yeah!

Mistress Bel said...

Askmassivepro I appreciate your enthusiasm but i simply refuse to buy that diet milk drink you promote.

And a big sunny hello to Dame Vera of witty banter centrale. Who'd have thought a googie egg could be so funny, nay hilarious.