Friday, 23 November 2007

Vote early and vote often

If I were running in an election the first thing I would do would be to consult the stars for myself and my opponent.

John Howard is a Leo, 26 July, shares his birthday with Mickey J, George Bernard Shaw, Jonty Rhodes, and many more including Amanda’s 2nd youngest brother.

Johh Howard is jealous because I share my birthday with Donald Bradman or is it because Glenn Matlock and Willy de Ville were also born that day? I guess i'll never know for he just went tomato red and refused to talk to me. And there i was trying to bond....

Kevin Rudd is a Virgo, born 21 September, shares his birthday with Leonard Cohen, Bill Murray, Henry Gibson, Luke Wilson and Nicole Richie and loads more - perhaps even you if you're lucky, pumpkin.

Here are their stars for 24 November, which is also the birthday of sister Lucy, a Sagittarius.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) - On November 24th a full Moon illuminates something significant around your group of friends, and the station of Uranus on the same day indicates that something unexpected and surprising happens with regard to any bank loans or tax issues.

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22) - . On the 24th a full Moon in your career sector brings with it some sense of completion or attainment in career matters, and the station of Uranus on this same day gives you a surprising event or development with regard to your significant other.

Johnny, Krudd, Peewee and Jules
Leo, Virgo, Leo, Leeebra
Vote, Vote on
Vote, Vote on

Hi i'm Kevin 07 and i'm Virgo
I know you're busy and I like the working fam
Take, take my hand
And vote me to victory in election land
Vote, vote on
Vote, Vote on

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