Monday, 19 November 2007

If you wanna cruise you can cruise

Is what a dude in the lift said to me at lunch time. And no the mistress was not eyeballing him in a highly salacious fashion. He'd just told me he was having a "cruisey day" and i looked a bit sceptical so he then imparted the above maxim. I didn’t reply with an Interesting but I can’t say I agree but smiled and popped a fruit mentos in my mouth to prevent articulation of juvey riposte, all juvey outbursts are reserved for blog or email.

Eating sweets in a lift on a Monday after luncheon. How’d you be? Slightly seedy if you’d like to hazard a guess.

Carousing on a Sunday night? Traipsing down the main drag in search of an open hotel at ten. Who on earth am I? More’s the point how the f&^% old am I? Act your age not your shoe size mama indeed! Blame it on the silly season, blame it on Rio if you must (another top little film with Michael Caine) but we all know where the blame really lies, with old mr good times von dipso that is who. Ever ready to appear at the sound of a cork popping or the unscrewing of a liquor lid, pop, glugg, glugg and out he bounces brandishing that laughs and liquor banner. Cheeky little fellow.

It was fun and out of the blue. Fun’s like that.

Things I love at the moment: driving lessons, Will and Grace Season 3, Powderfinger, bios about aristos, and whiskers on kittens - well on anything but one’s visage, sugar.

Dumb things I gotta do: work (?!) for my living?! and repeat Year 9

I am feeling rather optimistic about the result of this Saturday’s election. I wonder if Antony Green has framed my pome...

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boy moritz said...

Top post, trooper. You inspired me to revisit that Will and Grace episode 'Lows in the 80s'. If it aint Simply the best, then I'm Tina Turner.