Friday, 9 November 2007

The sheer delight of it all

Every glorious morning one wakes up revelling that one is one, lovely, delicious one.

That’s a quote from the foot of a harbour calendar from several office desks ago, NSRS, and it has become a mantra of self-actualisation proportions for the mistress - ever ready to be plucked from her steel trap of mind to stir her from any funks threatening to descend.

Even when one remembers the thwarted dreams and ambitions, particularly that one is never going to be that child star of stage and screen, no longer adored nor understood, chiefly scorned as an adult, one no longer collapses in a heap or pours a tumbler full of voddie and orange over ice for one’s brekky juice. One leaps out of the old sackarooni to salute the sun humming "life, life is for living ".


boy moritz said...

You sound invincible you must be wearing a flouro vest

David said...

Do you hum the vocal or also the bombastic riffs?

Mistress Bel said...

I hum the vocal but when those riffs make their mark i kick out my right leg and cradle and swoop an imaginary microphone stand mid torso. Top little aerobic work out and saucy to boot.