Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Car, car, kaka

I did the "Knowledge" (hah!) at lunch hour and have just driven my first ever hour on the roads of the inner west; from Enmore to Lewisham via Marrickville.

I am so spaced out and wobbly. Did i just drive? That's an automatic motor for ya. It was rather fun at the time and I exclaimed so to instructor along with a few "Gordons" and "naughty driver" and one "shit". Instructor threw in quite a few "relax", "Keep your hands on the wheel!", you'll be fine, darling". I do find "darling" rather soothing no matter how close an oncoming vehicle appears to be approaching. I'm rather parched from my mouth being agape for so long.

Now i am just reeling; it's as though i dreamt the lesson.

I haven't got another lesson for a week so i guess i'll have to practise on the dodgems at Luna Park until then.

I would like to say that I need a nice watery whisky but i'm more in the mood for a large gin and tonic.


FJSG said...

Darling! You'll have a ball.

james dean said...

That guy's gotta stop... He'll see us

David said...

Your achievement the talk of the town round here if last night in North Carlton anything to go by

Mistress Bel said...

Thank you allish. Still it will be a while till a get my p's. But you know what's 6 months compared to 25 years of eligibility.

t-k said...

I seem to have misplaced my keys. Cant get started. Let me do it right for you. Just up the Windsoar Road. etc.

Well done!