Tuesday, 20 November 2007

She cracked

Mirror mirror in one's hand

who's the cutest in the land?

No longer, no more and never again will one be able to make that daily enquiry of one's pocket mirror - a nice piece of glass backed with a spectacular colourised photo of Shirley Temple looking cute, natch, but also rather grumpy and matronly at age 6ish.

Shirley was involved in a melee with Ruby kiss no 5 and and Lady Jane the wide tooth comb in the confines of a make up bag after midnight no doubt for that's when all inanimate articles come to life. Ruby and Lady Jane, and let's use that broad's title loosely please, did Shirley over and whipped her glass in a most artistic and dramatic fashion.

What in the June Dally-Watkins am i going to do without my little grooming buddy. Forget your ship without your sail, it's like Mrs Everege without a hoame, Arthur Fonzarelli without a comb.

And what could it possibly foretell for Mrs Temple-Black or the Republicans.




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