Monday, 19 November 2007

Spin it out sisters

Hasn’t Edina Monsoon been busy?! And hasn't she lifted her game? So much PR about the Kidman sisters’ trials and tribulations. I just read that Nicole Kidman has announced to the media that she lost two children. Sweetheart, we all know that; They're called Connor and Isabella and you lost 'em around the time the press lost interest. Cold mountain also claims not to use botox and that her wrinkle free face is a result of not smoking and generally "looking after herself" of which she is really proud?! Oh pet – cure cancer and then you’ll have a reason for some self-satisfaction. Futhermore, don’t you know that every time the use of botox is denied a beauty therapist dies or worse, gets busted for smuggling marijuana in a boogie board bag.

Inevitably Connor or Isabella will write his/her mommy dearest. Oh the golden age of Hollywood has indeed returned: Nickers is the new Joan Crawford, Angelina currently doing a very good mamma mia farrow, oh the scandale that lies ahead, and the Minogues have been cranking out a glorious tribute to Joan and Jackie Collins for decades now - does that make Jason Donovan Tony Newley? The mistress hastens to add that she could search the whole world over and she’d never find another you, Oh Judith Durham desist from stalking my febrile mind, I mean, Dame Elizabeth Taylor or Ms Bette Davis.

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