Wednesday, 10 May 2006

With a hey nonny nonny and a hot cha cha

Well hello dollies! My i am feeling strangely chipper, i attribute it to walking home from work each day and the daily smattering of goey on the morning's porridge.

In the week since i last blogged I have had a rather good time. I caught some chanteuse Fran├žaise who was not my cup of tea but i knew she would not be and only attended to catch up with some friends in the bar pre-show and just go out and see what the kids were up to and keep myself real.

The performance was your standard moue moue bah oui fran├žais affair with the audience swooning at her French accented English when she spoke to them. I think the evening ended with her saying you've been a pack of *#$!$ goodnight. and how they loved and adored. Gallic charm. Well that ending would have been preferable to the real one, the playing of learn to speak English records and singer reciting along with it. Oh the beguilement. Gordon. Nothing more bewildering than an adult behaving cute. Still I did enjoy the carry on, myself and my company, oh and that of my friends too. The outing was a fun mid-week diversion.

Today was splendid. I had to get some x-rays done at a joint in Macquarie Street. The x-ray place was located in an extraordinary art deco building, The British Medical Association of NSW just opposite the Botanic Gardens. Construction began in 1928, foundation stone was laid in 1929, on the same date as Marc Hunter's birth, and was completed in 1930.

Perhaps you've been there though and know all about it. Someone once told me that I was a tourist in my own town and perhaps he was right or perhaps it was due to my wearing a tartan playsuit, Burberry baseball cap and bumbag. So I'll continue, shall I, the building is made of granite and it's entrance's exterior has some really ferocious gargoyles. Inside, the floor is made of alternating emerald and sand coloured terrazzo tile squares and once you have mounted the steps and entered the building proper your feet cross a magnificent mosaic of the staff of Asclepius which is also made from emerald and sand coloured terrazzo.
This emblem is situated directly in the centre of an octagon, around which there are oak doors. ooh which entrance do you chose and where will it lead, very French new wave/Avengers. Unfortunately my appointment was on the lower ground floor. Then you look up and see this dome.

It is amazing and I found the whole expedition a surprise and a thrill. After i'd had the xrays, i even enjoyed that!, i explored the building and went up to the gallery above the octagon. On the wall there was a memorial plaque to doctors who had died during wwi. Among the doctors names listed:

a Dr Flashman and a Dr Jekyll.

My thrill intensified.

I am looking forward to returning to the building on Friday.

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