Friday, 19 May 2006

Webel yell with a tablespoonful of bile

As i strode from the Queen Victoria Building to the bureau, where i conduct my extremely important business , my line of vision was blurred by a sea of legs wearing goddamn jeans. Don't worry, bodies, limbs and heads were also there but the legs in denim were predominant.

Ooh it's Friday so we can wear our cockin' jeans to work. Woo hoo and rail, baby, rail, this is the day of the week when en masse the people stick it to the man by wearing their designer denim trou. I bet these same people at the end of every working week say to each other with a titter and a knowing look, "Thank God it's Friday."

Naturally i upped the ante and wore a suit, my birthday suit. Wa wa wa waaaaaaaaaah nee.
I cannot believe mufti Friday is still embraced. Bring back the Sunday Best without the worship and Spray Fresh. Oh it's all gone down the Murray.


boy said...

Their chips are awesome, TGIF

Anonymous said...

Your-Space SUCKS

I have noticed a trend.

Myspace webpages suck balls. They all look as though a spaz designed them. What is up with the shitty colors? I can't read anything. There are photos and words all over the damn page. It's chaos in the form of a shitty blog. I feel like I'm going on an acid trip whenever I come across a Myspace page. It's fucking ridiculous.

The embeded songs do not help either. The combination of rave music/hiphop/triphop/rap/metal and chaotic placement of pictures and words on Myspace pages make me want to vomit. In fact, I'm vomiting as we speak.

I think I'll support that legislation to raise the Myspace minimum age level to 18. Better yet, let's raise it to 25. I don't give a rat's ass about the Myspace stalkers or what not. I just want to cut down on the chaos. In the words of Ricky Ricardo, "I just want some order in the chaotic web frenzy of prepubescent/retar-teen-ed Myspace designs. "

Here is an article with a perspective: MySpace: Is ghetto a design choice?

Oh yeah, Xanga sucks too.
posted by Ghonie at 1:20 PM

mark harmon said...

Interesting segueway.

Oh, Hi Bel!

Next time you're in town, let me know and I'll take a hiatus.

Mark, 90210

Mistress Bel said...

Ohwuh, and i thought it rocked.

Good luck cutting down on the chaos, oh and against the vomit speak.

Is Xanga something the kids smoke nowadays?

Curiously I now feel relatively centred, at one with the world, and smug. Consequently, I will wear denim AND lace in the workplace next Friday.

a 1, a 2, a 1,2,3,4

Denim and lace, rich or poor or in the workplace, dum, da dum, doo doo doo, dressed in denim or lace.

hey, there you go, high kick, pretending you're so fancy free, handclap, but you don't know, twirl, one day you are gonna be, fall