Monday, 15 May 2006

Two days of solitoode

What a top time i had the weekend just passed, even Sunday, contrary to what was earlier blogged, it's happy, happy talk bel posting at the moment, so laugh, relax, settle back now, lots of lazing about, reading , almost finished down there on a visit that fjg had lent ages ago, i do love it and can't wait to read Christopher and his kind, watched several dvds, did lots of laundry, cooking and other domestic dooties (soorry i guess that double o is tiresome but i can't resist, it amuses me so) oh and did mix with the outside world at the shops.

Actually I tell another lie, intake of breath, i did have a few phone calls and text messages. One of the calls i had was a search for information which took about 30 mins to resolve and caused me much mirth so i will elaborate.

A rang in need of name of some allegedly well known aussie actor who lived in her neck of the woods and who had been at social gathering attended by X, causing X much puzzlement trying to work out who acting legend was during the course of event, picturing x's puzzlement for entire event makes me chuckle in itself.
Clues: B Grade version of Steve Bisley, he appeared in some fillum with Nick Cave and actor's first name was later revealed.
How annoying and futile to be on the phone to me about this.
First, all i could picture was steve bisley, john jarrett and mel gibson and that other guy in the water tank scene in Summer City, completely irrelevant, my specialty!
Then the mystery actor's grading had to be workshopped along the lines of his being a C grade actor as Bizzles is B grade, could it be Chris Hayward but then wouldn't he be classed as A over Steve's B, A and X had already dismissed Chris Hayward, so i was really no use at all but still carried on in know all fashion, nice of them to persist with me, and as if I I I I I , sorry one of the dvds watched on the weekend was Angels in America, would ever, let alone admit, watch a fillum in which Nick the Prick appeared. I wide berth it would give. I think phoney Germanic syntax in English could be the new cool lingo.
Finally when actor's first name, David, was remembered, it brought no epiphany.
In essence I was no use to A and X, memory is shot and I had to resort to google.
After resorting to lame fillers about recent sightings of actors from sons and daughters while frantically googling, we established who the actor was. A and I were disappointed that he wasn’t the actor who played Sonny in E street. Actor is nowhere near as significant.

So there you go. I’m losing my touch. Just as some can no longer shin a coconut tree with their former finesse, others can no longer utter balderdash with unswerving conviction. Hey, ‘it happens as coconut shinner would no doubt philosophise.

Still it makes me laugh to a) think of someone reading this and taking in the clues and saying oh it’s….. you der, and the auteur and film are....... and b) that I’ve duped you all for years.
No, but seriously my mind still is that of steel trap, don't you worry about that, or is it. Can you ever be sure. Nyah ha haaaaaaaaah.

Oh my the cabin fever has taken its toll. Not to mention the pathetic conceit. Must….go … out and ……socialise. Oh do I have to?

So now to my first ever picture posting which I will call:
My weekend - an interior
The sunshine on the floor symbolises blogger's guilt tinged glee for hanging about the house on such a gloriously sunny day. It is in this very room where I read the book and viewed the dvds on the tele. I got to watch a couple of episodes of Arrested Development. I haven’t laughed out loud so much since that last nick cave film, i mean Stella Street and Strangers with Candy, so yeah not since the late 90’s.

Got to dash have a hankering for some peanut brittle. Hope the 24711 stocks it. Thank you for humouring the NSR weekend omnibus edition.


David said...

all this A X B C is this sudoku?

Mistress Bel said...

no, algebra, you der.

A = 24767, X = 15362 and i'm sure you know the value of C.

boy said...


Alfred Bennington said...

I notice you were watching an erotic thriller starring Dolph Lundgren.