Monday, 29 May 2006

In the land of counterpane

i have got laryngitis, cockin' laryngitis. It's not too painful, well admittedly the throat and glands around the neck are rather sore and swollen, resulting in a new and delectable looking turkey gobble wobbling between my neck and chin, but extemely annoying as I can barely get a sound out. However, it would be more irritating if I were of a talkative nature but as i'm silent, brooding and stoic, it doesn't affect me too much and thank baby J for his part in bestowing me with such qualities.

I guess the larynx looks like this at the moment. My first link. Gordon. kind of contrived, and highly indulgent, eh. Rather gruesome. Lewd photos too. Flag the blog now!

Am off work today, and can't get an appointment with the doctor until 3.30, so while waiting for medical guidance have been tinkering with technology, and evidently been way inspired, and learned some more blogger jargon to boot.

I've also been frantically emailing, to counteract the fact that I cannot communicate vocally, and cybersurfin' and consequently been reading more interviews with cate blanchett and kevin spacey, both of whom appear to be gobbling spinner and smug drip pills by the bucketload. They should stop doing interviews, or perhaps it might be more sensible if i stopped reading their interviews, that would be a kind of novel but too mature an action.

I suppose my time would be better spent amusing myself playing with toys in the land of counterpane or expanding my mind and reading something proper.

But no, am so twenty first century that i have to be even more self-obsessed than usual and blog all about it.

the word blog used to be a term for a boring, inert person, so in essence the meaning hasn't changed that much really and i'm doing my best to keep this cyberjournal true to that description.

Have now just returned from the doctor who was really sympathetic, as was the receptionist, they sort of giggled too , sympathetically mind, at my strangulated squeak, and really, who doesn't love a giggle and a laugh now and then. if you are feeling a little flat, feel free to give me a call to lift your morale. The squeak is too weak to be intimidatingly Brando Godfatherish, making me more Al Pacino? Have been instructed to stay at home in bed and not talk until Thursday!! I didn't think i was that unwell, i don't have a temperature, and even my cold seems to have gone, well in truth the cold has just set up home in my larynx, hope it it doesn't get too settled and plaster the area with big prints of frangipanis.

I am rather surprised by the amount of sympathy the inability to talk garners from strangers, those who know me can't believe their luck, their kindness seems undeserved, and makes me feel like the empty vessel but evidently not quite as voluble, crossed with al pacino sporting a goddamn turkey gobble. Oh bwutha, or perhaps it's more Elmer Fudd.


Young at Heart said...

Hey, here's a get well blog from all your bloggy mates:

Close your blog and desist you
Tomorrow I'll miss you
Remember I'll always read your blog
And while you still squawk
Close your mouth when you talk
And send all your blogging to me

boy said...

The Beatles really were ahead of their times

Mistress Bel said...

Thank you Mr de Jong. You are right it is a squawk and not a squeak.