Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Soft and sweet, wise and wonderful.......

I am on my lunch break, would just like to qualify that, and I just read that Kim Richards who played Prudence in Nanny and the Professor is Paris Hilton’s aunt.

For some reason I consider this blogworthy. Well actually I had planned to email you about it but thought, hey, I may as well blog. Got to keep up the May quota, don’t ye know or blogger dot com will rescind the contract.

Thinking of Nanny and the Professor your mind cannot help but turn to Juliet Mills, then you pass onto Hayley and you're fixated with the Mills sisters. The Hilton sisters of my day, probably not, was there an equivalent? Jaimie and Derek Redfern, no, the Nolan sisters? The Daddos? the Brothers Reyne? Elle and Mimi, Danni and Kylie? The last two sets are probably the closest.

And Juliet and Hayley are like no other.

Why it’s the first time I’ve pondered about them since hmm March 2006 actually, when I thought I saw Hayley down at Circular Quay. My companions didn’t agree though, changed the subject and put me in a taxi home.

I never quite got over seeing Hayley grown up and appearing in an episode of the Love Boat in which she was being lusted after by Gopher, better than doc or Captain Stooobing ?, am sure she hasn’t either and would have preferred to be playing Pollyanna and admiring Mrs Snow’s prisms or befriending some loner under the mistaken belief that he was Jesus.

Naturally when you think of Hayley you can’t help but think of Hywel Bennett, it’s like cheese and gherkin really. That film the twisted nerve. Hywel, Hayley and Billie Whitelaw how’d you be. Stella cast and kind of gripping film, well I haven’t seen it since I was aged 11, it could have lost its edge I suppose. Haven't we all?

What’s happened to Hywel I hear you shriek. Fear not he is currently gainfully employed playing a villain, a paedophile and murderer natch, on the tawdry, sordid show that has become the Bill . That show really should be called Hot Ploddy. All the staff at that nick seem to do while strife is strewn on the streets of Sun’ill is either go and find an interview room what is free and fornicate, fall victim to a villain on the streets of sun 'ill, embark on another fling with another colleague, or firebomb the work building and then find a cosy spot on another building rooftop where one confesses to a colleague and has a good old fashioned laugh about the curious turn of events. Glory. Yet I still can’t help but tune in and watch it.

Back to Hywel. The older version of Hywel is completely unrecognisable to Hywel circa 1968. I only discovered that it was Hywel via the credits rolling at the end of the Bill.

Oh simmer down, would you. Yes, yes, the mistress is aware that considerable time has passed since 1968 and that we all age, even smugdrawers here, I know, but generally some younger semblance of your physical self remains but not in Hywel's case. Go and google his images and compare the difference. The same happened to David Hemmings and rather quickly.

Last example I’d like to go on about is Ian Lavender. Skinny tall thing who played Pike, mummy's boy come Mainwaring's "stupid boy", in Dad’s Army. He currently plays the love interest of Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richards/Miss Brahms) in Eastenders. Lordamumsamercy me. Completely unrecognisable. Still that'd be living with Pauline Fowler. However you can still recognise Wendy Richards. You might say "jesus, is that Miss Brahms?" But the point is you can still see a bit of young Wendy.

When I last saw Juliet Mills in Passions she still pretty much looked like an older version of Phoebe Figalilly.


I have watched too much television. Today's cars well may be mum’s taxi, and if i'm in the car with you , please do leave that baby on board sign up, makes me feel so safe, but in my day tv was mum’s babysitter. I am filled to the gills with crapola and trivia and must redeem myself in the next twenty years or I will have led a completely feckless life.

Oh like whatever and take a chill pill, grandma, what’s the point in having a blog if one cannot indulge in these rambles and inner dialogues.

Good afternoon.

Tomorrow David and Keith Carradine.


boy said...

Joan Rivers is in town. Looking tight. DAMN-DAMN-DAMN.

Wayne said...

I like that sound on Nanny & the Professor, like a quick glissando on a harp, when Phoebe said something magical. I think we all should have one of those.

Perhaps the Collins sisters (J&J) were The Hilton Sisters of the 70's?

On The Love Boat theme - did you happen to watch The L Word this week on 7? Dana & Alice dressed up as Captain Stubing and Julie McCoy for a bit of bedroom shenanigins. I'm not making this up! A severe case of double-take television - did I really just see that?

Mistress Bel said...

Yes that was a truly magnificent sound and unfortunately my harmonica can't quite replicate it.

the HIltons the new collins, interesting. Thank you for remembering those collins.

At this point i hasten to add that the 70's were the heyday of my childhood, not of my adulthood.

come to think of it don't you think Kylie and Danniiii are more like the Collins sisters or those lllucky bitches joanie and jackie sant'angelo.

can't you just see dannii churning out some steamy blockbusters. Nikki is just too limp and illiterate. However, i can see kylie, paris and danni all ruthlessly vying to star in the tv adaptations of the novels.

Does this mean the Veronicas are the new Chrissie and LIndsay hammond aka Cheetah.

Rogue Traders the new Transvision Vamp.

oh you've set off a major spin out that must stop.

will have to go watch French and Saunders do their send up of Joan and Jackie Collins, Lllucky bitches.

Mistress Bel said...

Boy, were you referring to her schtick, face or arse? I just read that JOan rivers said that someone, herself?, had had so much plastic surgery that her earrings were now on her arse.
That's got to be tight.

boy said...

I can only speak for her face. Reminds me of the shrunken head on the cover of the Hardy Boys 'Clue in the Embers'. Joan's inspiration, perhaps? I'll phone Parker.

boy said...

Parker was at the hairdressers. I spoke to him only briefly. He is nonplussed.

David said...

What is happening to this blogtastic blog. It is inert. By the way I am 12 and live in Kenya and need your help.

Mistress Bel said...

What do you want me to do? Post a picture of my dolly?