Wednesday, 17 May 2006

It sure ain't St. Swithin's

Mistress Bel advises that today's blog is about a couple of tv shows and apologises if you don't watch these programs or have no interest in television as the following posting will be even more inane than usual.

This year i have started regularly watching House. Firstly because i was intrigued to hear mater talking about it, and then discovered that another friend and her family watch it and are all solid fans. I resisted watching it for a while in a vain attempt at displaying a mind of my own and some will. However, I happened upon last season's finale because i was minding a teenager who insisted on watching it. I was keen but didn't want to display too much enthusiasm as i'd insisted on our watching the finale of Australian Princess. So anyhoo nowadays i watch Dr House a couple of times a month or have it in the background like now while i attend to more important business, and like one of the Donaher sons in Sylvania Waters don't want "the house being too quiet and resembling a bloody morgue!"

I guess the character Dr House is a cross between Hawkeye and Basil Fawlty, alas not a dash of Duncan Waring.

Apart from the obviously curious things about the Dr and his show, Hugh Laurie's enjoyably ludicrous and risible American accent, even more farcical is that he is now considered a sex symbol, the general wackiness that pervades the show, and the very good looking interns who work with dr house and deal with zany but topical, yeah only touch the surface of the issewe, storylines, something that really strikes me as bizarre is the fact that every episode i've seen, Dr House and one of his interns or just a couple of the interns invariably have to break into a patient's house to get vital information to solve the patient's illness.

Then a couple of nights ago i caught the end of All Saints, i don't know why, i guess I pressed the remote button to on and boom, the telly came to life and channel 7 was broadcasting, spooky. The promotion for the next episode advised that a couple of the all saints doctors and nurses would be breaking the law and breaking into a patient's house to get to the truth.

This breaking and entering by medicos on tv at home and abroad is a veritable medical breakthrough.

Medicos are now cops and robbers. Those days of wacky, zany medicos birdin' and boozin' it up at Bunnys, the watering hole for those Young Doctors, and wherever the Drs Waring, Stuart-Clark and Collier quaffed, it's not hard to picture them with Robin Tripp and Larry at the Fluffy Duck, are long gone.

Sigh and whistle the doctor at large series' theme tune to yourselves. Even better, i see that Doctor in Distress is being screened on the abc in the wee hours of Monday morning.

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