Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Two new rock'n'roll playmates

Have just enjoyed a very hearty fry up at a caff on enmore road.

On my stroll back I stopped in at the local mixed bastard to buy myself some fruit nectar . By the drinks and ice block fridge I made a new friend in the form of this truly delightful 3 year old curly top who enthusiastically informed me "i'm going to a get an iceblock, yeah, i'm opening the fridge top now. I just had lunch, a peanut butter and honey sandwich, that's my favourite, oh and I also like tofu and peanuts." Anyway our conversation continued like this for a bit, my favourite type of conversation to boot, and then i paid for my drink and left my new friend in search of her mother. As i walked down stanmore rd, a very chatty senior stopped in front of me and said "Lady, here, have a flower, it's beautiful". How could i resist, i really love being called "lady" particularly by senior gentlemen so i eagerly waited while said senior rummaged in the rather capacious pockets of his trousers, eventually to produce a lovely yellow and beautifully fragrant frangipanni, which i accepted with much enthusiasm, and we both sang its praises, and then I bid (bad?) him good day and returned to my pad.

Boy, i dig the street life in my neighbourhood after midday, it features my favourite demographic, and naturally it's the one to which i appeal the most, kiddies and seniors.


boy said...

This entry could not be more summery and delightful. That's it I'm off to get an icy pole!

Wayne said...

It is truly a Doris Day moment.

tom said...


Mistress Bel said...

ah thankee, Tom, will write that out 100 times.

yes, indeed, Wayne, unfortunately, i forgot to gush in a really breathy voice and instead thanked the gentleman with a high pitched squeal come bark.

Boy , ditch the icey poles dude the best ice blocks this season are the multi coloured and flavoured lifesaver ones.

playmate said...