Thursday, 23 March 2006

The rising G is on the wane

Have you noticed while beetling about in your quotidian that your eyes are no longer assaulted and bruised by the sight of buttocks, crack and pieces of flimsey material rising above trousers, generally sported by females?

I have and I am delighted.

For the past five years no matter where you sallied, be it the ‘burbs, the city or even rural and regional Australia, commonly known as “the bush” in polliparlance, you couldn’t go for two minutes without copping an eyeful of cheek and G string rising from the trou. It was an obscene trend. And now fortunately the high rise pant and slack must be back in fashion for the ladies, or they've discovered the hipster brief, as I haven’t seen the rising G for donkeys now and its absence cannot be attributed to cooler weather, didn’t stop the G bandits previously, nor to one becoming inured to that fashion, impossible!

The rising G has sunk. Hooray.

Big thanks must go to Mrs Brett Dean Craig for making the G fashion’s followers see their folly.

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