Thursday, 23 March 2006

The Ham's funeral

Just read that Al Pacino will be treading the boards to play King Herod in Salome. What an absolutely risible performance that will be. Hoo ha indeed.

Still it would be hilarious to see hamster Al play King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar.


David said...

Your italicised comments are always a smaller point size than your other comments. Are these to be read as:

1. Your thoughts?
2. Asides, as in, said up the sleeve or to camera?
3. A second personality, ventriloquist doll or glovepuppet says them?
4. I have been grant non sequitur rising gold (TM) with the extra italicised comments?


Mistress Bel said...

Your reasons for the italicised comments are a lot more interesting and fruity than mine.

I will select option two, an aside to the camera as that is how I live my life focusing on different objects throughout my day imagining they are cameras to which I make quips. Took little Jimmy Sommerville quite by surprise when I uttered some random bon mot to his face and then laughed a la Basil Brush. However, i am very keen on option three, not the ventriloquist doll, too difficult to manipulate, but i really love the idea of a glove puppet even though I generally associate glove puppets with some Christian message television service. I now have the Mormon "mom why am I so dumb" take the time to listen tv campaign whirring around my brain which actually didn't feature one glove puppet.