Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Pinch an' a punch an' whatnot

Well it’s the 1st of March today. And in the land of me (which also happens to be a great song by Bucks Fizz) of course means that all my entries (grand sum of 8) for last month’s blog have been archived and I have a clean slate, so to speak.

Gordon, how on earth am I going to continue this blogging caper?! You know there’s a limit to the vapid thought that even my brain can produce (although every tip tap on the keyboard is testimony to the contrary.)

The 1st March happens to be either Randall or Vickie Lee’s birthday, and the other one’s birthday falls on the 5th March. Yes, they are twins born several days and years apart, crazy.

Happy birthday.

Mind you if it’s Randall’s b’day today you’ll all know about it. I recall in the old days, the late 80’s to early 90’s, when I shared a house with him, the celebrations went on for a week or so.
This is of course a very rich comment coming from someone whose last birthday was celebrated with anyone who I ‘d ever bored or breathed upon (same difference), and I'd forced 1 very nice and generous person to host the do and 6 extremely nice, funny and really clever people to give speeches, followed by my giving a very long winded and unstructured speech about me, really not dissimilar to this blog but I don’t know how to number crunch or kidnap in cyberspace.

But seriously, and sans barb, happy birthday Randall and/or Vickie. (and likewise to the other for the 5th March -but back to my uppermost worry, I wonder how many entries I will have made by then, might have to do another birthday greeting that day, or perhaps begin an "on this day in the 80's or 90's " segment and refer to great moments with friends and foes?)

1st of March in God’s own also signifies a change in season, we don’t determine seasons here by astronomy (?) ( like I know a thing about that), I mean to say that it's nothing to do with the autumnal equinox around 21st March. Our seasons were determined, I think, or perhaps this is just more balderdash, several years post invasion, the beginning of European settlement, by some hot and bothered English soldiers who wanted to change from their winter uniform to their summer one, gosh I remember that same dilemma myself in primary school, but at least we generally got into our summer uniform after the Rocktober labour day long weekend. So it was then decreed that summer was the 1st of December, and all the other seasons followed suit or in shorts, wo ho, oh, i.e. starting at the beginning of the month that the new season would commence. So it’s officially autumn today, not around the 21st March. Like i said don't quote me on that, but i'm happy to blog inaccuracies.

Anyway there’s no point getting worked up about that, what I’m worked up about is that in Sydney the weather won’t start remotely feeling consistently like autumn until mid April. And with global warming that’s been delayed until May, perhaps indefinitely. Sydney summers are fairly steamy at the best of times, but, my dear, this summer has been insupportably humid.

So there you go it’s 1st March and I’m so desperate for content for this month’s blog that I’ve resorted to banging on about the weather. I really must stop reading the Sydney Morning Herald. I guess they’d give today’s blog’s entry the title “Where’s our Autumn gone?” with a few nice grey shaded boxes comparing temperatures over the past 100 years, actually probably not the latter as that would be interesting.

So to my dear readers, and that includes you, Tracy and anonymous Jorja, I bid a pinch and a punch for the first day of the month, no returns.


Anonymous said...

Are randall and vicki really twins? Today seems less humid don't you think.

David said...

Randall and Vicki are triplets. Don't ask about the third, born in the intervening year.

Wayne said...

Isn't the Buck's Fizz song 'The Land of Make Believe'?

Mistress Bel said...


boy said...

Is the third Lee still up for grabs? Damn too late.