Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Gowings has gone

You may have read that Gowings, a rather old fashioned department store, for want of a better term, that got “groovied up” in a retroish way and became sort of Remo, I really don’t know how to accurately describe it, went bankrupt. It had branched out in too many locations throughout metropolitan Sydney. The Oxford Street, Darlinghurst location, it was actually in the same building where Remo used to be, was a bit of a mistake.

Anyhoo Gowings had an everything’s gotta go liquidation sale and folded towards the end of January 2006, I think.

Just walked past the site of its main city store, quite a handsome building on the corner of Market and George Street, and saw a big sign announcing that it would be housing Supré from next Monday.


Jorja said...

its so cute the way you guys notice all that stuff about old buildings and stuff

Mistress Bel said...

Well I must say cute has always been the best adjective to describe me, i don't know about the other guys, I think they prefer hot.

nevertheless, i think it is sad that Gowings has gone and been replaced by Supre.

Anonymous said...

the old lady who owns, or used to own gowings is apparently quite gorgeous. she supports Indigenous art, "not the political stuff" and is known to visit major art institutions and do filing and other odd jobs in their Aboriginal divisions. v nice!