Friday, 26 October 2007

Good times reigned supreme

I cannot stop thinking about that party. To left is a photo of fjg preparing for party. Blowing leaves sans fluoro - very desultory.

I think Alice was right; It was the best party ever and a school reunion with people you wanted to see. Of course some very significant people were missed, huwo AMP, but as my recent tatt on tummy reads, "shit happens", incidentally this greatly complements the "whatever" that is tattooed in ye olde English lettering arched across my upper back.

In between surfing the net, texting, emailing and swilling booze i've been padding about Tupper Mansions, picking up rubbish and throwing it down somewhere else, smiling and laughing as snapshots from the Jubilee celebrations float through my mind.

So much laughter and joy and everyone so nice. It was a booze fuelled Sherwood Schwartz production.

My current favourite snapshot is one from about 4 a.m. It features a very bronzed Fran├žaise running around, lifting up her t-shirt to reveal her stomach and moaning about her menopausal belly. Oh well at least tummy was tanned.


ben cousins said...

I think shit happens looks more pertinent low on the lower back.

Mistress Bel said...

and no doubt you'd insist on an arrow pointing downwards and all. And there lies the difference between a class A drug user and a dipso.

Subtlety and class.

Sweetheart you've either got it or you don't;the mistress is top notch old school. Have fun in rehab in the States.