Friday, 26 October 2007

Oh my god

x 2 or 3 were Lady Di's last words according to this morning's paper.

I had always imagined her last words to be something like "faster, faster". Was her god proddy Christian, Sufi Muslim, Versace, Le Bon or Richard Gere? Furthermore, if she had died several years later would she have said instead "OMG" x 3? And if i said you had a beautiful body would you, oh sorry i get so distracted these days....

I guess we'll never know. Death's like that.

Well as you can read i have not much to say. I banged on so much last Saturday and Sunday that i've exhausted anything that was remotely interestin' and had to return to a favourite topic of scorn from the 90's. Lady Di was then replaced by Nickers Kidman and Tom Cruise in the derision stakes, then i got hung up on bubble gum accented talk and text, and now it seems to be premature blooming jacarandas. I suspect the latter is further inanity masked by environmental concern.

What's new? Well i have to say i posed this question to the rambunctious chuckles and dance table on Saturday night and I received this amazing and unintentional beat poet-like response from an interlocuteur which i will now adapt to elaborate on my quotidian.

What's new

Returned to Sydney on Tuesday
Dicked about on the computer for several hours
Sank several light beers
Watched hot ploddy
Went to bed
That's what's new

What's new
Got up
watched the 2nd last episode of Sopranos
Had to download the final ep and the one where
Tony kills Christopher
Felt rather repulsed
so ate some chocky wocky and drank red wine
went to bed

What's new
Had nightmares about being a villain
Was in an American mafia setting
but talking like 70's English supergrass
was shot at by corrupt filth (told you so)
and hiding behind a big sheet of cardboard
It was very scary
woke up

What's new
Oh i've lost interest, haven't you?

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