Thursday, 18 October 2007

Flutter little children and fly forth from me

I was just shaking my jeans before folding and packing them in my trolly dolly suitcase, off to Victoria for several days, when a moth flew out of one of the trouser legs.

Those Bogan moths are everywhere aren't they? Don't worry you haven't accidentally landed on the smh website, i'm sure that was front page story there a couple of weeks ago squeezed in between NicknBaznsorryRussimhiringHugh filming Australia and the lady Di inquest. Yes, it's 1997.

Fortunately no moths have flown into my ears.

The other night as i was drifting to sleep i felt some flapping around my person, below my waist, and leapt out of bed. However, the commotion continued in the nether regions. I hopped about somewhat panicked finally managing to flick wide the elastic of my drawers and out flew a giant Bogan moth. Had I spawned the blighter? Of that I will never truly be certain but I do feel that at last my life has meaning.

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