Friday, 26 October 2007

Gonna make you a star

So yeah I have had the remainder of the week off from work but unfortunately the mistress was lady lather of indecision* prior to the hols and didn't she think she'd have anything to do in Mel, kept picturing herself wandering aimlessly for 8 hours a day around Federation Square getting addicted to the square's giant text message being broadcast on its walls, so arranged her itinery to return to Syd early in the piece.

Fortunately before leaving the State of play, i did have the time and good sense to catch up with Francesca and her daughter, Ada, and had a lot of fun and laughs.

Francesca had told Ada about Joanna's speech for Fran's b'day which featured everyone's alleged celebrity "doppleganger" in Fran the miniseries. Ada was rather taken with this concept, as we all were - irresistible really oneself being played by some ridiculously good looking actor, and compiled the photos of our celebrity dopplegangers and typed our names beside them. Ada created a list of minor characters; modestly placing herself on this page's tippity top - we did spend a lot of time pondering the celebs for the minor character roles. Brava Ada, brava.

We did note that probably three of the males we know would like to have Hugh Grant playing them, either because of vague similarity in appearance or just an absurd love of him. I found this rather problematic but as Francesca pointed out, Hugh would win an Oscar for playing so many roles and all the challenges in wardrobe and physique. It would be Hugh's Kind Hearts and Coronets, not that i am sure whether A. Guinness won such an award for that brilliant film.

Do not worry, Richard Curtis won't be writing the script. Joanna had touted Baz. Curiously RC, and no, I do not mean Russell Crowe, now seems appealing. It really is time that I returned to work

*which is not dissimilar from Bill Bryson's Lord Lather of indecision

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I am still working on the pictures. It takes a long time. So many.