Sunday, 14 October 2007

A storm in her b cup

While reading the papers the past three days, each time i've happened on the entertainment section i've been struck by the full page advertisement for the Police tour of Australia which depicts the band members in their heyday and not how they look now. Promo features a picture of a youngish Sting leaping in the air picking his bass (?) and the other two sourly looking on, well plus ├ža change and whatnot there. I mean to say even the tour posters for self proclaimed rocknroll star Stevie Nicks feature her in the now and not the past.

I guess i expected to see Sting looking older and smugger, admittedly still leaping in the air but entwined around Trudy "the scold's bridle" Styler in the middle of some tantric sex session - both pulling some really excruciating "hot" grimaces.

As the t-shirt says, "make Sting history".

While I am here may I just say that if I read one more journo or hear someone paraphrasing that Mark Twain “rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated” quote, well I, I, splutter ..... Why, it's almost as hackneyed as slagging off Sting with tantric sex put downs.

And, yes the election has been called and yes, I will be voting for the opposition even though Kevin Rudd’s delivery of counterargument reminds me of some prissy captain of a secondary school debating team, and let’s not even go into the content.

Please can the next speaker of the House not be like Andrew Harwood or my life will have truly come full circle.

I wish Lindsay Tanner were the leader of the Opposition.

Jacaranda trees are in bloom all over Sydney which seems rather premature or perhaps I’ve been obsessing too much about Sting over the years to notice when blooming commences. Still I am sure that there was some old saying, by Twain or Wilde, about the Jacaranda in the quadrangle at the University of Sydney and that if you hadn’t started studying by the time the Jacaranda began budding you were bound to live your life through the bottom of a booze bottle or worse, fail your exams. And even though I was rather conscientious during varsity days, and boy, did that get me places, I cannot recall that much study taking place before rocktober.

See you at this Saturday's jubilee celebrations or at the Alpaca show.

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Gerald Sumner said...

A wee bird I converse with on occasion, say, every second Sunday, yo9u know the odd croquet match made reference to this curio in the midst of a rather strange discussion regarding Arthur C. Clarke's ouevre and I dare say you fancy my younger brother a bit of a spunk, yes, yes, yes, yes