Sunday, 28 October 2007

She walks like a bearded rainbow

Freak out. What is going on in Sydney shops? They are all playing songs by the Cream. Hey, mistress is not complaining but it's rather strange.

It all began around three weeks ago... cue swirly, whirly, romper bomper stomper doo in unstringed racquet effect.

I was in the Strand arcade looking for a birthday gift and went into this kind of fancy jewellery shop and that song from Fresh Cream "..Money, nothing funny, wasting the best of our life, bah, bah, felix papallardi, bah, bah." was blaring out. I did a shimmy and a shake, my gaze twitching upon this twonty something shop assistant in early 70's garb seated lotus like on a bench, twirlin' a tendril of her mouse-coloured hair around her finger and singin' along in a very loud and inane fashion. Hearing that song again and seeing gel singing muppet style left the mistress somewhat distrait and incapable of scrutinising baubles, and with a real urge to hear "what a bringdown".

Since the Strand i have heard the Cream at several other shops throughout Sydney. Then when i was staying at the house of mirth aka chez lorraine last week, Jeff Duff was playin' and that dude's voice is very, very Jack Bruce. Edwin Duff's is of course totally Ol' Blue Eyes.

Final meltdown for the mistress was this arvo while checking out clothing with Stefanie Powers at the House of Scrag - we were lookin' for clothes for Stef NOT the mistress. Tales of Brave Ulysses was playing on the stereo.

What is this about? Is it due to the recent publications by Patti Boyd and Clappers or does it augur summat worse? Take care, Ginger ...

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boy moritz said...

I just heard White Room on Entourage