Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The big thrill

Oh i have returned to Sydney after a rather marvellous time in Vic and, nsrs, it's really rather rum to be back.

The celebrations for the milestone birthday of FJG in Bendigo were splendid and a whale of a time was had by all.

FJG and S O'N were marvellous, generous and very hospitable hosts;Providing bedding and copious quantities of delicious fare and plonk for the many guests.

We had a 10-12 hour dinner, booze and show deal featuring top bands, speeches and some spectacular dancing thrown in.

It was marvellous to catch up and talk to so many people from so long ago. How i have missed performing that party trick.

Thank you all and good afternoon.


tom said...

I/we endorse mistress Bel's roundup. Twas a top party.

Living the life of land piracy we stole a car at 3am and escaped to Golden Square Caravan Park. Slept in past Bendigo Checkout Time which is 10 am.

We admired the spire in Bendigo proper. With the fine buildings and lack of sleep we may as well have been abroad. Despite the thriving cafe culture, Sunday morning breakfast was hard to find. Bendigo Breakfast Time ends at 10 am.

Some settled for a Subway roll of ham, bacon and turkey, the three food groups.

Mistress Bel said...

ah. I was wondering what happened to youse. I returned to the heritage (circa 1990) motor inn some time after 5 and then was whisked back to Wipple around 9 a.m. and ate breakfast there. It is a shame i had not the wherewithall(?) to pass that on - too addled squashing in sponge bags and party shoes into bag on wheels.

I had a bbq sausage with rocket and tomato sauce in a roll for my brekker and several glasses of sweet and watery cordial with icecubes. Truth of the matter i don't think i stopped eatin' all sunday. Hot chips, iceblocks but nothing could really alleviate that tiredness until i retired to bed.