Friday, 21 July 2006

The week that was

Yes, well, salutations and whatnot, not much with which to regale you since last Sunday’s sad and sorry business.

A friend had a double pass to the cinema courtesy of a cbd hair design studio, where hairdressers are artists, and treated me to an outing. While I wasn’t that keen on seeing the movie, advanced screening of the White Masai, was keen on an excursion and according to the latest book on social etiquette 21st century style, so helpful and it’s great that there are so many published these days, it would have been churlish not to accept. I was surprised by the number of people attending an advanced screening and they were not all sporting the same haircut as my cinema pal - something was afoot.

Imagine my surprise and glee when Tristram Shandy a cocking bull story and not the White Masai began playing in our theatre, we’d taken the wrong turning and ended in theatre 4 instead of theatre 3. It was more entertaining than I had thought the White Masai would be, quite amusing but not brilliant. The al pacino impressions at the very end were not a patch on John Sessions’s Pacino but that’s hardly surprising, his is brilliant and wickedly amusing, he is such a brilliant impressionist and character actor.

This week I had my hairs cut and dyed, no, tinted, a lengthy process and no complementary movie passes were distributed either. Despite it being a Wednesday evening I was still asked whether I was going out partying that night. Sneezing and coughing extravagantly I managed to change the topic to sickness, much more interesting and heard all about the hairdresser's recent bout of ‘flu, ailments and a good brand of expectorant. I left the salon with a gorgeous lorisi hairdo, kiss curls, much volume, which had been greatly facilitated by the hairdresser's gob, some product, rouged cheeks, a beauty spot and a very self satisfied gait. It's so important to pamper yourself, you deserve it, i certainly don't.

While off sick I discovered the joys of eBay and made bids on books to complete a few series by my favourite author. The books should be arriving soon. Hurrah.

Tonight am off to the Illawarra to see, not star in, more's the pity, a production of Same time next year and celebrate Amanda's birthday which falls this Monday.

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