Monday, 3 July 2006

sink or swim

As that builder said to little brian jones as he splashed about in the pool. And on that compassionate note and 37 years later to the day, the mistress says hello and extends her apologies for being in absentia from cyberspace this past week. She'd also like to thank her readers for their interest.

She's been gadding about like there's no tomorrow and according to Brian the autodidact, rather full of herself to boot, to which the mistress sez, lay off the vinegar, Vera. Mistress sez t shirts will be on sale Monday week.

Anyway, Bri Bri, i say let bygones be bygones and may the new financial year be bile free.

That certainly was the sentiment at the shoot of 1980's house in Bellingen - all involved had a top time.

The 11 year olds claimed to have "ravenous adventures", the teens watched the soccer in the wee hours or rocked on, amps blaring and dominating in true share accom house style while the olds quaffed their light beers or rough Williamson red, found each other hilarious when not making diary entries moaning about their hms (housesmates, you der) and ailments, and really did have quite the middle age rampage.

After filming was completed, i snuck off to Nana Glen and spent a couple of days with Russ, Danielle and child. Brian really envies how at ease i am with the celeb set, but what else can you do when you are as centred and smug as the Mistress. I stayed in the chapel which had been especially constructed for Russ and Danniii's nuptials. Super. Really lovely down to earth types. In the evening we got mellow, chewed the fat and belted out some great new songs that Russ's been working on. I'm not one to gossip but let's just say that the ears of Baz, Hugh J and Jack Marx must have been burning big time. His Ballad for NicnKeith brought a tear to my eye.

Caught the train back to Sydney. Rather good voyage, lunched on a tasty beef braise with rice while listening to German stoners singing along to Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, my three favourite bands. We shared a spliff and chilled out. Will be hooking up with them at the CBH (Coogee Bay Hotel, like double der!!) for the Saturday session and then join the British beef backpackers sizzling on the sand. Then i really will have to meet up with Hetty and Brian and get to work on that ruddy musical. I'm in the mega soup as i've not given my all but you know what, we all need a bit of time out from the hustle and bustle and tedium. I say good on me - i deserved to spoil myself. The mistress is so worth it.


boy said...

Oh while you were away, Hetty and Brian handed the musical duties over to your understudy Eve and she has done such a good job, they will be sticking with her

Mistress Bel said...

oh cockin' Brian and major Hetty are getting my goat big time. Thanks for spying for me, boy. The loyalty of one's luvvies and dahlings from the theeatre is dicey at the best of times. How on earth can that cow Eve portray me!! the mistress is a very complicated and subtle character and certainly won't be easily portrayed, let alone parodied by Eve. Eve makes Hampacino look like Gielgud. I will not take this lying down. No actress bishop jokes please, mistress is plotting.