Monday, 31 July 2006

the wayback machine

On this day in 1987 armed with a stick with a sweet little red handkerchief tied to its end I boarded a flight to Amsterdam.

I must confess that prior to the departure the mistress was having quite the nervy b about her voyage to the northern hemisphere - she no longer wanted to go. It was all rather barmy, and most uncharacteristic, behaviour. I was not going to be completely alone over there - my brother and his girlfriend lived in Amsters and I had some friends in Blighty. I also ended up making quite a few more friends, all of whom i've lost contact as I was a slack suck in those days but it's just as well really, we couldn't possibly have remained friends as i've done so much personal growth since then.

The night before the flight I stayed at my parents' house and spent most of the time lying in bed worrying and trying to convince them that I had pneumonia as my sides were aching so. They didn't seem to believe me and took me to the airport, not the hospital, where they, along with Randall who with a friend had very kindly come to the airport, farewelled me. I felt rather at sea as I walked through those departure gates. I did distract myself from sickness and fear by some purchases of duty free booze, a carton of fags, to cure the pneumonia, and a wristwatch, no doubt to monitor every second i had left alive. I sobbed from Sydney to Singapore. What a booby. Is it any wonder that some of my heros are Flashman, Dr Zachary Smith and Walker.

Anyway I ended up having quite a good time away, for one thing I didn’t backpack, eurrgh how foul that would be, and sticks and hankies are a lot more stylish, returned in Dec 88 on the day that Roy Orbison died and just in time to revel in the joy and pride that was our nation's Bicentennial.

So obviously not a lot happening on 31 July 2006, however I did manage not to sob on my bus trip to work, too gripped by the STA handy hints for passengers, latest poster promotes managing coughing and sneezing on the bus. While i am not coughing and sneezing I am suffering from tennis elbow on my right arm. It's really sore, am not sure how or why i have developed it.

Still it is nothing that a margarita won't fix. Amanda makes the best margaritas. The couple i had her way a fortnight ago have left me with quite the thirst. I think the trick is using the juice of a lemon rather than lime. I use two lemons to four fl oz tequila and two fl oz curacao. And shake it all together with ice. Why the margarita with its lemon juice and iodized Saxa salt caking the glass's rim, is a veritable health drink. Have one tonight. You won't regret it.

A most civilised snifter. Chin chin.

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