Monday, 10 July 2006

To serve them all my days

So in between travelling to the country, getting het up about hanging with wannabe Seniors, trying to make friends with a cool new set of 20 year olds, dismally failing and then having to suck up to all my old friends, they're ancient, i've been recovering from the very long trip and mirth and mayhem that was my visit to Bellingen.

A milder attack of last month's laryngitis and coldy achey thingo, flu?, returned in time for the weekend. Fortunately i was raised on so much Ealing and Dad's Army i carried on, blustered and lemsipped my way through the weekend and had a very nice time thank you very much.

Had some friends over for a cosy supper on Saturday night and I served them the Mistress's specialty - humidity drawer everything's got to go minestrone. It was tasty I must say. My guests provided some delicious wine and some very fine chocolates, the highly reputable brand, Merci, that's French for ta. In keeping with one's mad carry on we watched the 'ilarious series 3 of Stella Street and then that 64 or 65 documentary on the rolling stones tour of Ireland, Charlie is my darling. The latter quite interesting if you like Irish physiognomy, are a stones fan and enjoy analysing personalities. Otherwise i suspect it would be pretty dull, or perhaps it is just dull and that's why we spent most of the viewing time talking over it and analysing the stones. We developed some very good theories on how the different systems of secondary education experienced by each of the stones had moulded them. I don't think even David Dalton has done that, so watch out. But if Victor Bockris is still alive don't tell him, ok.

At last there is a chance for me to put to use my superficial knowledge of different education systems and ludicrously extensive ken of stonesy and other musical stars, ponder the impact of Jules Ferry on French rock, i've a hunch it was pretty bad, and puzzle over the Gymnasium failing Milli Vanilli yet nurturing Aha. I told you it was superficial and i'm already a bit bored. It could then lead to an analysis of the depiction of teachers and schools in film, from Goodbye, Mr Chips to Heartbreak Kid and how it has left teachers disappointed and unprepared. I don't recall seeing Alastair Sim marking homework in the Belles of St Trinians. Rip off or what. But then again i might leave those projects until my retirement, so busy, busy maintaining this blog and saving for the nest egg, now where did i put those pluravit multi vitamins....

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tom said...

Bloody Hell,

I'm not going near that OZ Rock page with all the pictures. Much nicer down here with the cosy Rinnai glowing in the corner.