Friday, 28 July 2006


Today I feel kind of scratchy and out of sorts. At lunch I went window shopping to get me some gift ideas for upcoming birthdays but every shop was playing a song that just made me feel as though I was rubbing my teeth with chalk or hearing the sound of someone’s nails scraping down a blackboard and I had to leave. video killed the radio star and what will we be singing in the 80s used to be the only songs that could really do that to me, spaz me out big time, my shoulders feel kind of tight now just thinking of them, but today it was Mandy, Never gonna give you up and something (should that be anything) by Crowded House.

I should have just returned to work but I continued on this stroll in a most perverse and masochistic manner and stumbled through the City Plaza basement where I kept seeing people whose faces looked familiar and our eyes would flicker with recognition but then quickly dim as neither of us were sure if we really knew each other, the eighties were wild, darling, wild i tell you, so we'd lower our heads and carry on with our business. To think I could now be blogging to you about my five brand new old friends. Shame.

I then went into a clothes shop which had dangling from its ceiling lots of mobiles (not phones) that got caught in my hair. It happened about three times and on each occasion I was startled, exclaimed and then grappled with the ornament trying to disentangle it from the bird’s nest that had become my hair .


I feel like Dagwood Bumstead when I'd much rather be Baby Dumpling.


sadie said...

i have to admit, i love video killed the radio star. a great classic of the time just before me.

David said...

Wikipedia has a lot to say about this song/record which I found interesting.

Mistress Bel said...

Oh wuh, oh, cannot wait to read it. Oh wuh oh.

tom said...

In my mind and in my car
We cant reverse
We've gone too far

Theme for Mel Gibson and all those who are still learning to drive.