Sunday, 18 June 2006

Workaholics anonymous

The buzz of excitement is positively electric in Sydney at the moment. Forget your world cup; Sydneysiders have been barely able to sleep for feverishly thinking about the upcoming wedding of NicnKeith.

Meanwhile little Renny Zellwellegger is casting quite the pall over proceedings, the satisfaction of trumping Nic out of an Oscar for Nic’s biopic, Cold Mountain, has evidently worn off.

Renny has warned Cold Mountain that the writing is on the wall for lasting happiness with Keith. Gasp. Renny claims that Keith, like Renny’s former husband of four months, also a country singing sensation, Kenny C, is a “workaholic”. Oh my. And Nic’s last husband was also a “workaholic”. When will the Mountain ever learn?

Oh Renny, hush your mouth. How could you dispute the everlasting love of NicnKeith’s coupling, it’s like Caesar and Cleopatra, DicknLiz, Charles and Diana cos they won't part and it won't turn bitter. Nothing like the Curry Kenny nor Renny Kenny fiascos of Woman's Days gone by.

Now the wedding guest list is of course going to be silver, um, star studded, and probably liberally sprinkled with happily married models, actors and musos, some of whom could well be "workaholics". Guests will include the Bronte Carlo set, the Murdoch-Heirs, the Wattsanames, the Hugh Jackmans, the Baz Luhrmanns and the Crowing-Spencer-Crowes.

Renny really should stop worrying about the “workaholic” factor, it’s rife in Hollywood and wherever showbiz happens, theatrical one day, married "workaholic" the next.

More contentious could be the frostiness between Baz, Russ and Hugh, given that Baz replaced Russ with Hugh when casting his latest film. Russ no doubt dismissed them as a pair of "workaholics" and I can’t wait to hear his song about the betrayal, diddled by two workos and now i'm feeling blue.

It’s just so exciting to have such a delicious piece of that Hollywood pie right here, almost now. A decade of Howard Jones, I mean John Howard, and now this, Australia is indeed a nation blessed.

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