Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Hot Rod

Drawn to a halt at the Stanmore Rd and Liberty St traffic lights was a zippy white 2-door sedan with the number plate


This sexy sporty package is for sale, $4000 ono. Not sure whether cool daddy the driver is included but an air of hot nonchalance is guaranteed.

I’ve noted the mobile number if you wish to realise your dream or just fang it with cool daddy.


boy said...

I saw one the other day - Bloke 5. I assumed 1-4 had already been taken.

Frances said...

time to get your licence and THAT car

Mistress Bel said...

Gosh you are right.An excellent incentive. Hope it's automatic.

tom said...

Hang on... I'm pretty sure that those plates mean you don't actually need a licence to drive that car. Plus, if it's a manual, no problem. Just join the NRMA and they will tow it whenever, wherever.