Thursday, 15 June 2006

Dignity takes a tumble

There was a big, exciting sounding demonstration proceeding down Castlereagh Street at midday. The clamour was so loud my colleagues and I could hear it despite our office building's thick glass windows and lofty heights.

It provoked much interest. We all got up to have a look out the window. I suspect the past two weeks of isolation heightened my excitement, well that is my excuse, for I climbed onto my desk, to kneel and crane my neck to get a better view as did another colleague, we were still ten feet away from the window.

The general tone of professionalism and decorum was topped by the bellowing of our names by another staff member, an Aussie cop show D.I. manqué, as he emerged from his office yelling at us to get down and scolding us for breaching occupational health and safety rules!

Oh my godfather.

I still don’t know what the demo was about, against officious safety wardens and rampant inner children in the workplace perhaps. Needless to say lunchtime was spent on detention and this evening I am on emu parade.

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