Thursday, 8 June 2006

Napoleon Polo

Still convalescing and wish you were here to entertain me as I recline on the divan taking a sunbath in the afternoon’s western rays.

Evidently the virus has knocked me for six and while convalescing, apart from feeling like Roger Moore with a dash of Robert Vaughan due to the sportage of polo neck jumpers to keep the chill off the neck and larynx, slightly more stylish than those brightly coloured knits that family fun TV show hosts used to favour, my time has been spent coughing, sleeping, reading, and watching DVDs. Pretty good really but enough is enough.

The bout of sickness has given me the opportunity to get acquainted with six feet under. When it started being broadcast I decided against getting into it as I was watching the Sopranos and had to restrict myself to one show?!, boundaries are so essential in the hustle and bustle that is is the new millennium. So I’m currently watching series 2 of six feet under which indicates that I’m enjoying the show. I am, particularly the characters Nate, David and Ruth, but I think I’m going to have a break as the continual utterance of “whatever” and “fuck you”, sometimes coupled, is getting kind of tedious, and as for the Juliette Lewis Syndrome suffered by Lauren Ambrose and Rachel Griffiths in their mannered portrayals of sad, mixed up, shook up, wisecracking, vulnwable, alternative girls, well, that is positively grating and provoking horrid flashbacks to that terrible film clip by the Cars for their equally terrible song Drive, the 80's losing my religion perhaps?

Curiously I can never get enough of “fuck you” in the Sopranos, singer not the song I guess. Still perhaps I should get to series 3 of six feet under as it would be good to see if Lauren Ambrose’s range can extend beyond eye popping, clenching and jutting of jaw and fish popping mouth, fortunately not as much finger biting and hair twisting as practised by Juliette. It’s funny to see that the Juliette Lewis technique is still being employed. I hadn’t seen it so masterfully implemented since Janeane Garofalo’s performances in the Ben Stiller Show, and they were parodies.

Clearly I haven’t been mixing in the real world which for someone who loves to keep herself real is rather hard. Can’t wait to get out and attend the film festival.

Have a good Queenie’s long weekend.

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