Tuesday, 13 June 2006

On the street tonight

Ooh nanna hiya and good evening non sequitur risers.

One’s health has been fully restored and today was my first full day out after two weeks of being sick, the last week felt more like quarantine, and my is it grand to be out and about.

It was great to do the walk home from work today. I’d been feeling fairly poopy and sorry for myself, somewhat isolated from society, which is hell on earth when you're a proactive , dynamic, teamplaying people person, so it was good to get the limbs moving for an hour and that feel good vibe happenin’, as a character from the past, let’s just call him simple si the rockin' guy, would say, while digging and checking out my fellow pedestrians. Lord, am still channellin’ simple rockin' guy. Oh 80’s good times, long may they continue to roll, straight by.

Back to the present and this evening’s stroll. Not that much has changed in a fortnight, still loads of people, young and old, wearing Ramones t-shirts, how many have you seen today, despite the chill. To compensate for the cold they sometimes wear open leather jackets but always sport black or pastel coloured beanies, thus transforming themselves into Ramone t-shirt wearing googie eggs. Wack but strangely hot and almost Big Brother 2006 southern hemisphere style.

Speaking of popular t-shirts, I frequently see people wearing one that features a portrait of a man, kind of Jesus like without the crown of thorns. For ages I thought said t-shirt was promoting a revival for Godspell but it turned out it was for Powderfinger. The band on everybody's lips. Even the octogenarian at the Cat Protection Society Op Shop has asked me about Powderfinger.

Tonight I saw quite a few billposters for that Countdown revival live show. Hmm. While i have a a lot of affection for that show, and still do enjoy seeing the occasional episode of Countdown, particularly the one I watched last January featuring Cheetah doing a very steamy mime to their recording of one of vanda and young's raunchier ditties, it must be said, no, look, really, um seriously, i draw the line here, all must be revealed, that as an adolescent watching Countdown I generally felt dissatisfied after the majority of shows, the Nauts had disbanded after all, you hadn’t seen enough of what you wanted, and how many times could you see daryl and JPY getting annoyed with Molly or get excited about Squeak going fishing or being "in the top ten in Rhodesia". Curiously you continued watching every week, even the repeat on the Saturday as you’d forgotten how disappointing it was. Still i guess that was part of its charm, disappointment in unison, a collective ohwuh from the nation's teens and young adults, as the credits rolled and the olds came in to watch the news. However as a child it tickled me no end. Fancy being dissatisfied as an adolescent.

On tonight's walk I also learnt, and i know you'll be surprised, that i've plum lost my street smarts . When I went to withdraw moolah from the atm/handybank/cashpoint, like whichever , handybank has always been my own personal preferred fave, I took the receipt and the card but forgot to take the money, had a lot on my mind couldn’t decide whether to go straight home or to Leichhardt, it’s high time I hired that fricking Life Coach, and didn’t realise my error until 20 minutes later when I went to purchase something, no, not a ticket to Leichhardt, gasped aloud and informed the shop assistant of my folly. Fortunately he didn’t say “whatever” or "shit happens" so phones remained on counters, doors on hinges and Jack Marx in that stylish hat and on retainer. Needless to say when i returned to that atm the sizeable sum was not waiting patiently to be collected.

Hey, that's big city talk and it's great to be back, if not quite with it.


David said...

Everyone gets sentimental about Countdown but frankly it wasn't that good. Having seen a lot of Countdown eps over the last few years I am more inclined to be sentimental about Weekend Magazine. Where were you when they profiled the Sex Pistols?

Mistress Bel said...

i agree. It did hone one's ability to mock, which is such a helpful and positive attribute of any personality. I recall the interview with the sex pistols on a current affair but you know big whoop. I reserve my sentimentalism purely for adventure island.

David said...

You are lying

Mistress Bel said...

Oh is that why my nose has got longer? what do you think I'm lying about?

boy said...

She means Temptation Island that's all

David said...

You have been known to be sentimental about more than Adventure Island. Or am I just harking back to (sigh) the good old days.

Mistress Bel said...

Paper Roses
Paper Roses
Oh how real those roses seem to be
But they're only imitation
you mistook my gruffness for sentimentality

actually, you are right. I just had paper roses on my brain and needed an excuse to sing it.

Pussyfoot said...

Thanks for the lyrical reference Ms Bel. You're my honey be my apple pie-i-i...

Mistress Bel said...

gladly, Pussyfoot, and really it has been too long.