Wednesday, 12 April 2006

They are still my darlings

Charlie, MicknKeef, natch!

Well without my customary vim and vigour I went to see the dear lambs perform at the Telstra/Australia (which is more inspiring as a name, it's always your choice at NSR) Stadium tonight/last night.

while it was a joy to meet up with craig, tom and madeleine at bbq king and I was rather keen on the whole idea of the outing, i just felt kind of apathetic about seeing stonesy. and it is sad that the good fjg and daddy hairs are now residing interstate and were therefore not able to make the usual pilgrimage together.

Still, it was an excellent adventure as we boarded the train fromCentral. Gordon talk about a swirling mass . So many people, so hot, so cramped. It was kind of fetid . I didn't feel anxious on the train but was relieved to disembark and breathe some air and have a bit of space. Our party of 4 was generally enthusiastic about our expedition, madeleine and craig particularly, they really entered the spirit of things, purchasing a charming little hip flask of Jack Daniels for the occasion. Actually I guess I was being a bit of a doomsayer, and apparently not looking very "rock" for the concert. I was sporting one of my favourite 1940'sish floral frocks. It was a choice between frock or my big momma's house 2 tshirt playsuit. Rock on Tommy indeed, what am i expected to wear, dude? jeans and a ruddy t shirt with a great red tongue!! i was like railing against the corporate monster in my own special way, attending but not, yeah, no, oh hang on. I guess you are right it ain't rocknroll lest you're all dressed in black and showing crack.

We all had a hoot. i must confess it took a while for the old rs to move me. they started with jumpin jack flash and then proceeded to let's spend the night together. i did get kind of buoyant with the latter as it is such a marvellous song. But then i kind of drifted and they left me almost cold, which is a pretty extraordinary feat for them really, fortunately they didn't play that schocker of an 80's song. Just when i thought, oh well bit of a dud, the tempo changed , and they vastly improved, peformed miss you and were transported on this moving runway come stage that veered closer to the masses.

they really hit their stride when they played paint it black, that was a really great performance.

from then the set was goddamn blitzing. i just wish mick had chatted a bit more, i didn't want him to lament busting a button on his trou or recite any Shelley, god help us all, and let's face it no one can save those moths, but he could have just said alright or even all right a few more times. I'm sure he only said it once. He did, however, refer to Ronnie as the Rembrandt of Rock. Mick's voice was in fine fettle, singing not shouting, and he was a veritable dynamo running marathons across the stage and wagging that admonishing finger. Keith was very good and Charlie looked pretty fit. Charlie's drumming is beautiful. So there you go. Highly entertaining and thank you Craig for organising it all at such marvellous bargain basement prices to boot. $30 a ticket incl. transport cannot be sneezed at. and also thanks to Craig, Mad and Tom for excellent company and much mirth before and during the show and on the train trip home.

That must be the final time that i see rs. but i will be annoyed if it's because i die first.

tom took a good photo with my phone of the set that one of the ronnie's children probably designed for his/her O Levels. however i don't have the patience to work out how to place the image on this posting. will treat you with it another time. Technology can be very complicated.

Charlie, Mick and Ronnie have exceptional heads of hair.


tom said...

And we drank:
8 chinese stubbies at BBQ King
1 small hip flask of JD (not J&B) on the train and in the stands
16 platic mugs of Tooheys New
We disappointed the sniffer dog cause we was fresh Out Of Our Heads

frances said...

We are going next time and so are you

David said...

How can you be out having a good time while Phillippe is suffering on the marsh

Mistress Bel said...

Because i'm hard woman who lives for good times. Well actually it's just my skin that feels kind of hard, not good at all, almost like platic, actually more like sandpaper. However, while my skin could never be as soft as that of Philippe, it's a darn sight smoother than that of micknkeef.

But seriously, i really do care about Philippe and want to adopt him. i'm sure the agency will allow it, as i only see the stonesy every 3 or 10 years.

It's a date Frances. Tom, Mad and Craig they are a pack of wild ragers, made me come over all demure.

Mistress Bel said...

lyle has updated his blog an'all and it's highly appropriate given today's posting.

tom said...

snot seezzy slooks A?

Mistress Bel said...

Am veritable shrinkin' violet.