Saturday, 22 April 2006

Doppleganger goddamn

Today i am looking the worse for wear.

My sinuses are wildly inflamed, i've got bags under the eyes, and well, i seem to have grown jowls over night. In fact my face is all puffy and pudgy and I look like goddamn Lexie Downer, well not completely my lips aren't exactly cupid bow shaped and i'm sportin' jim jams and bedsocks not fishnets and stilettos.

Hey, i hear you all sucking in your breath with disgust, and i'm furiously exhaling back at youse an'all. Total bringdown. I'd rather resemble Dorian Gray's portrait, but let's face it old Rupert Everett has pipped me to that post.

The cause for this alteration in my once serene and beautiful visage is not a life time of gross incompetency and mendacity nor a dissipated life of booze and pills and pacts with pirates. No, I attribute the general nasal inflammation and overall swollen face to imbibing some rough David Williamson red and sitting out in an hotel beer garden on a rather chilly evening.

We were at the Courthouse Hotel to welcome FJG back to Sydders and have dinner. Landsakes has that hotel become the place to be "of" a Friday night. It was chockers. Among the throng I espied a very boring MOR pop balladeer , and later Joanna and I bumped into Elizabeth Jagger outside the ladies. It was so busy, the restaurant not the dunnies, well apart from toot and G hour, natch, that we didn't get our meal until 2 hours post order!!! Still they did give us two bottles of wine on the house, resulting in today's disastrous doppleganger effect.

Overall i think members of our party of 8 enjoyed themselves despite my general grouchiness. Yes, that funk is ever present and cannot be shifted. Furthermore, it has only intensified since i learnt that now Mick Jagger is getting his own sitcom on the television.

He'll only appear in it a few times as himself. General synopsis is four blue collar workers, no, not bill, charlie, keef, and ronnie, plan to rob MJ at Sidcup station.


Mick and comedy it's not that far fetched really, comedy is the new rock and roll after all, and when you consider his cinematic performances over the years, Ned Kelly, Elysian Fields or that video movie for his solo lp are just a few highlights, he's a comic genius, his timing is pure and utter magic.

Then again perhaps i should not be so miffed. He could be interested in making a few appearances in a cooking show, this could be the way of getting my dream up and running. Oh the funk fog is lifting must give Reg a bell...........

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