Sunday, 30 April 2006

Table this - the things that matter

Spent the afternoon at a 40th birthday party barbeque. It was fun and rather interesting.

During the course of the partay the dj played a couple of songs by The Clash.

The Clash is a band that has generally stuck in my craw. Penned a few good choruses perhaps but i generally found the band kind of phoney, pretentious, laboured - curiously 3 qualities which i pride in myself and other bands.

In keeping with the sophisticated nature of this entry I would like to conclude with

the clash sucks.

tooods dooods


fazeli said...
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tom said...

At last, a contributor who can keep up word for word with the Mistress. No doubt fazeli is hoping that some Clash fans will make good the promise of Brixton.

For my money Sandanista was the best triple album ever produced in all Punk history. Every song is a perfect pick-me-up for the proleterian peon. Bono and Sir Bob owe it all to Strummer.

David said...

Tom, you were hoodwinked. Sandanista was the Clash trying to push a three-record set on CBS hoping they'd mistake it for three records, and thereby let them out of their contract. That song about independent record labels - if I'd been CBS I would have insisted they go ASAP.

Give 'em Enough Rope was OK, but they were most certainly no Subway Sect.