Saturday, 1 April 2006

the shape of things to come

Landsakes but it was a ludicrously frenzied hour that i just passed at my local supermarket.

Sheer and utter bedlam! I felt like was on a dodgem car circuit - the rear and front of my person was constantly getting bumped and jammed by shopping trollies as people wielded their shopping carts like those who push out their prams on a road to make traffic stop. Dear sir and madam, i do understand that your pram is carrying your byebee , precious cargo indeed, therefore, would it not be more logical not to make that blessed perambulator jut out from the road's curb or dart before a moving vehicle. Yours, Constable Care.

Yes, so the supermarket was crraaazy man and it was not a very happy atmosphere, so i was glad to get out. Equally perturbing was the fact that on the long ramble out of that shopping centre, i happened to observe three people sporting ankle and leg casts. victims perhaps of the trolley dodgems? They were wearing those modern casts, not made from plaster nor requiring afflicted to use crutches, they are made of canvas and sort of resemble a big ski boot.

It's curious that each day this week i have seen someone fitted with one of these canvas cast bootie thingies. I just hope that it is a new fashion item and not portentous, i really don't want to again sprain, let alone break, my ankle , nor my leg or any bone for that matter.